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MCN Asia is a member of Group365 agency network.

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Total Social Media

3 Channels

Hotel, Health, and XiaoHongShu


Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, & RED (XiaoHongShu)


Our Services

Influencer Marketing

With our pool of 3,000+ influencers, we support influencer marketing across Asia on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and RED (Xiaohongshu).

China Digital Marketing

We support global clients on their China Digital campaigns and companies venturing out to other Asian markets.

Deep expertise in major Chinese digital platforms including RED, WeChat and Weibo.

Unique twin-country support from our Singapore & China teams.

ASEAN Focus Content

We develop localised content for Southeast Asian markets like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, in addition to Hong Kong and China.

Engaging content via articles, webinars, videography and photography.

Physical presence in Singapore (HQ), Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines.

Why Us?

Expertise & Capabilities​

Our capabilities range from access to beta features in Google Ads to data and insights on effective tactics or strategies.

Diverse Specialties

We offer our clients access to multiple marketing channels, from social platforms to email to offline.

Asean Content

With dedicated ground teams strategically positioned in key ASEAN markets, we bring a unique blend of localised expertise and global reach to the table.

Seamless and Hassle-Free Process

Unlike the challenges some clients face with influencer marketing, our firm control over influencers ensures not only the quality of content but also efficient communication throughout.

MCN Asia Case Studies

Our Clients

Our Clients - MCN Asia

Group365 Portfolio Of Agencies


Healthcare Publisher Co

Healthcare, wellness and aesthetic medicine publishing agency in Asia. Our mission is to empower our readers with knowledge on preventive health, critical medical conditions, and aesthetic medicine.
Current partner doctors are specialists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea.

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MCN Asia

Multi-Channel Network Influencer Marketing Agency

3,000+ Asian influencers from our Multi-Channel Network. Our Hotel, Health, and XiaoHongShu Channel Network influencers are mostly from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Korea.

Current clients include Marriott, IHG, Accor, Siam Paragon, and Icon Siam.


eHub 365

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Focusing on SEO, SEM, Social Media (XiaoHongShu) and Media buying. Current clients include AsiaMedic, Johnson & Johnson, National University Hospital, Phyathai Hospital (BDMS), Eastspring and UOL.

Licensed MICE Corporate Travel Agency (TA03620), and Approved Training Organisation (ATO) under WSQ Singapore since 2019.

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