China Digital Marketing

China’s vast and upwardly mobile population makes it an essential market to tap into for any business looking to expand its customer base. With a population of over 1.4 billion in mainland China, of which an estimated 10 million are residing in ASEAN, China boasts the world’s largest online community, making China Digital Marketing a must for any business looking for a slice of the Chinese pie.

Reach out to potential Chinese customers on popular platforms such as RED, WeChat, Weibo, Tiktok and Douyin through targeted advertisements and influencer collaborations. Businesses can also leverage digital platforms to sell their products and services directly to consumers.

MCN Asia | China Digital Marketing Agency

China Digital Marketing Platforms

We support global clients on their China Digital campaigns and companies venturing out to other Asian markets with our unique twin-country support from our Singapore & China teams. With deep expertise in major Chinese digital platforms including RED, WeChat and Weibo, our key clients are from the Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Education and B2B sectors.

MCN Asia | China Digital RED Xiaohongshu Marketing


Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book or RED, is a social media and e-commerce platform in China for lifestyle content.

MCN Asia | China Digital Weibo Marketing


Weibo is a popular micro-blogging and social media platform in China, allowing users to share thoughts, news, and engage with others.

MCN Asia | China Digital WeChat Marketing


WeChat is a multipurpose messaging and social media app developed by Tencent, offering various features including messaging, payments, and mini-programs.

MCN Asia | China Digital TikTok Douyin Marketing


TikTok is a social media platform for short-form videos, where users can create, share, and discover entertaining content.

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