Enhancing Cross-Border E-Commerce With Influencer Marketing: UNDONE Watches

Enhancing Cross-Border E-Commerce With Influencer Marketing: UNDONE Watches

UNDONE is a watch brand based on Hong Kong. UNDONE sells watches online with a bulk of their customers being from the United States. In 2022, UNDONE strove to enter the market in Singapore via popular e-commerce platform Shopee. To enhance this cross-border e-commerce initiative, UNDONE turned to influencer marketing.

Challenge Faced – Need To Raise Brand Awareness In Singapore

The company’s hero product is the affordable automatic watches with retro and vintage appearance. They also allow for some cosmetic customisation of the watches. This is a unique selling proposition for the brand, but customisation can only be done when ordering via their website. On Shopee, UNDONE faced the challenge of having to raise brand awareness by Singapore customers. Competitors in their price range like Seiko, Citizen and Casio enjoyed higher recognition by local audiences.

Compared to many products on Shopee, watches are considered to be of higher value. Shoppers were thus more willing to spend on brands that they more familiar with.

Influencer Marketing Raises Brand Awareness Among Singapore Online Shoppers

To overcome their branding disadvantage against brand names that were more established in Singapore, UNDONE embarked on an influencer marketing campaign. Influencer marketing is often used by brands to either raise brand awareness amongst the influencers’ followers, or to enhance brand preference.

In UNDONE’s case, they engaged Brenda Ng, a local lifestyle influencer with over 27k followers on Instagram to do a video to showcase one of their signature ladies watches and demonstrate the use of their unique and stylish extra-long watch strap. The video also showed audiences UNDONE’s Singapore show-room where shoppers could see and experience the watches first-hand.

See post shared by Brenda Ng (@nsybrenda) on Instagram.

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