Influencer Marketing For Medical Devices And Services

Influencer Marketing For Medical Devices And Services

When it comes to the marketing of medical devices, the assumption is typically that it is geared at the Business-to-Business level. However, in some cases, consumer marketing is highly relevant too. An example of this is the marketing of GASTROClearTM, an innovative blood test for stomach cancer. MiRXES, the local biotech company behind the product, and AsiaMedic, a healthcare provider in Singapore that offers the GASTROClear test to customers, embarked on a campaign to raise public for the GASTROClear blood test. This is where influencer marketing for medical devices and services came into play as one of the key components of the campaign.

Why Influencer Marketing For Medical Devices And Services?

Due to tight regulatory and digital platform controls over medical marketing, traditional online advertisements may face constraints and the reach curtailed. Influencer marketing is thus an important tool for medical devices and services as it offers an additional channel that companies can use to reach out to audiences. In addition, influencer have a rapport with their audiences, which make them more receptive to the messaging. Through actions, unspoken words and subtle messaging, influencers may also express their satisfaction with the level of service or quality of the advertiser’s products, while being in compliance with regulatory guidelines for medical advertising.

GASTROClear Influencer Marketing

Two family-focused influencers were engaged to raise awareness amongst their followers about stomach cancer, the importance of screening for early detection, the benefits of GASTROClear, and to document their visit to AsiaMedic to take the GASTROClear blood test. The messages conveyed by the influencers were well received by their followers, with many positive comments received.

GASTROClear marketing by influencer Dawn:

GASTROClear marketing by influencer Erica:

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Influencer campaigns can be also a lot of work. You will have to find the correct influencers, contact them, bridge language barriers (when using overseas influencers), enter into contractual agreements, and manage them. If you are a marketer planning to embark on a campaign for your medical practice or product, MCN Asia can help you reach out to followers in the China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia markets. Contact us to kickstart your campaign today!

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