Influencer Marketing For Thailand Hotel Market Expansion Into Singapore And Korea

Influencer Marketing For Thailand Hotel Market Expansion Into Singapore And Korea

Travelers from Singapore and Korea are frequently of high-spending potential and are attractive targets for hotels in other parts of the region, such as Thailand. However, competition for tourism dollar is intense. How can hotels reach out to potential customers and win them over? As mentioned in a previous article, influencer marketing is a key strategy in the hospitality sector for out-competing rivals. This exactly what IHG Hotels & Resorts did in a recent campaign for market expansion into Singapore and Korea for Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection. Read on to find out more about how IHG Hotels & Resorts’ influencer marketing campaign for Thailand hotel market expansion into Singapore and Korea.

About Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection

Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection is an entry-luxury hotel, located in the heart of Bangkok. It is the first hotel in Asia of IHG’s collection brand, Vignette Collection, where guests can enjoy a one-of-a-kind stay and receive the benefits and privileges as IHG One Rewards members.

Travellers with high-spending power are ideal customers for Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection, as it is an entry-luxury hotel. In the region, this means (broadly speaking) that travellers from Singapore and Korea such ideal customers.

Influencer Campaign For Hotel Market Expansion Into Singapore And Korea

IHG Hotels & Resorts needed to accomplish two objectives in order to expand their reach to travellers in Singapore and Korea – firstly to increase their brand and product awareness amongst travellers from these markets, and secondly, to create a positive image of the hotel and the hotel-stay experience in the minds of the travellers.

IHG Hotels & Resorts engaged a number of influencers in Singapore and in Korea for this purpose. The influencers were invited to visit and experience the hotel. For this campaign, Instagram was the platform of choice for the influencers’ posts wherein they featured the location of the hotel and reviews of the quality of the hotel rooms, meals and unique hotel amenities. By sharing with their audiences the hotel’s highlights and how they enjoyed their stays, the influencers helped to make the hotel a top choice for their audiences who are considering a trip to Bangkok.

Influencers selected for the campaign were lifestyle and parenting influencers – a good fit for the lifestyle and family-friendly image of the hotel.

Samples Of Influencer Campaign Posts For Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection

Singapore Lifestyle / Parenting Influencer: Audrey Tan

Korea Lifestyle Influencer: Jihye

Click to see post in Instagram.

Korea Lifestyle Influencer또요니

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