How Yuan Skincare Leveraged Live Selling?

How Yuan Skincare Leveraged Live Selling?

Taiwanese brand Yuan Skincare has been making waves in Southeast Asia lately.  

Known for producing all-natural skincare and beauty products, Yuan Skincare managed to establish a strong presence outside its origin country – all thanks to the combined powers of Ecommerce and live selling.

Screenshots of Yuan Skincare’s Shopee Stores in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam 

It now has online shops catering to customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, and its own Amazon store for buyers in the United States.  

What is Live Selling?  

Live Selling already existed even before YouTube and other equally famous livestreaming websites were born. But the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic revived its popularity among buyers and sellers alike.

During lockdowns, it is the closest thing to actual in-shopping experience.

And multiple platforms, be it actual Ecommerce sites or social media, are offering their channels to livestream virtual shopping in response to its rising demand.

Think of today’s live shopping as the home shopping network found on your television in the 1990s, but can viewed through your mobile phone and your laptop simultaneously.

How Live Selling Helped Yuan Skincare?

Yuan Skincare embarked on Ecommerce this year, and set its eye on the growing potential of Southeast Asia. 

They launched online stores on Shopify, Shopee, and Lazada that covered markets from four countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

But to level up the brand’s entry into the region’s large and diverse market, the Taiwanese brand also leveraged live selling and collaborating with local beauty influencers and brand ambassadors.

Here are some of the benefits Yuan Skincare gained when they deployed live selling activities on different channels and platforms.

1. Engaging with Buyers

Direct interaction with potential customers what makes present-day live selling the hottest trend on Ecommerce.

For Ecommerce players, it is not enough to start your venture by simply opening an online shop. In today’s age of information and digitalization, consumers are more empowered than ever.

This is why you must consider doing such events not only to connect with potential buyers but also to educate and convince them why they should buy your products, and to some extent – why they should choose your brand over the rest.

Live Selling: How Yuan Skincare Leveraged the ‘Future of E-Commerce' | Digital 38

Beauty influencers from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam were selected to host Yuan Skincare’s Live Selling Events on Shopee, Facebook and Instagram.

In the case of Yuan Skincare, they ran a comprehensive, Ecommerce marketing campaign that fuses live selling, social commerce, and multi-channel strategies to further promote their beauty products online.   

The live shopping activities targeted audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and most recently, Thailand.  

With the help of popular, local beauty influencers in these countries, brand awareness for Yuan Skincare significantly increased.

2. Giving Consumers’ An Improved Shopping Experience

Ecommerce is a highly competitive market. Brands should always come up with all sorts of strategies, from marketing to shipment, if it meant edging their competitors out of the race.  

One way of doing this is to take advantage of live shopping’s capability to rake in interested buyers, and at the same time, demonstrate the best qualities of your products.

Also, through live selling, you can ramp up your loyalty and rewards system to strengthen customer retention.

Yuan Skincare, in its recent live selling event on Lazada, was able to drive customer loyalty to another level by offering promotions and incentives exclusively for those who joined the activity.  

Live Selling: How Yuan Skincare Leveraged the ‘Future of E-Commerce' | Digital 38

Yuan Skincare’s LazLive, with Thai beauty influencer Pat (@znailx) as its host, generated at least 2,000 views. Read more about it here.

3. Expand Audience Reach 

Undeniably, one of the most notable perks brands can get when they start employing live shopping segments in their overall marketing strategy is that they can widen their audience reach.

And Yuan Skincare was able to achieved this when it launched live selling events on Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, and Instagram.  

Customers who want to participate in your live selling events can do so wherever they are. Plus, they can be integrated seamlessly in any platform – on your website or on your Shopee store – scaling up your ability to reach out to more potential buyers.  

For example, Singaporean beauty influencer Rachel Wong was the host of Yuan Skincare’s live shopping event on Shopee that talked about mugwort, the ‘miracle ingredient’ behind their best-selling beauty products. 

A post shared by Yuan Skincare SG (

The livestream was not only broadcasted on Shopee, and gained over 1,100 views, but also on Facebook, and Yuan Skincare Singapore’s own Instagram handle.  

Power Up Your Ecommerce with Live Selling

Ecommerce is dynamic and it could be quite complicated to navigate, especially now with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis that has dramatically reshaped both consumer and retail behavior.  

With more and more people longing to experience any semblances of the lives they had pre-pandemic, no wonder why the popularity of live selling, live shopping or video shopping quickly took off.  

Setting up an effective live selling event may sound tedious. Contact us and let us help get started with your very own live selling event.