Case Study: SEO Marketing For The Southeast Asia Market – Aeris By iRobot

Case Study: SEO Marketing For The Southeast Asia Market – Aeris By iRobot

Aeris by iRobot, a leading air purification solutions brand, aimed to enhance its online presence and generate quality leads for home and workplace air purification solutions. The company decided to invest in a comprehensive digital strategy, including the creation of a multi-language website in English and Chinese for the Greater China and Southeast Asia markets, along with robust Google SEO implementation.

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SEO And Website Marketing Campaign Objectives

The campaign objectives were:

1. Generate and collect leads for air purifiers for home and workplace use.

2. Enhance website SEO performance for key branded keywords like “aeris air purifier,” “iRobot air purifier,” and “aair lite”.

The Campaign Deliverables:

Website Creation

The first step was the development of a user-friendly website catering to English and Chinese audiences. The website featured intuitive navigation, engaging content, and a seamless user experience.

SEO Optimization

To ensure the website ranks high on Google search results, a comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented. This included:

   – Optimization of web titles and meta-descriptions for key pages.

   – Strategic placement of relevant keywords in website content.

   – Regular content updates and blog posts to maintain freshness.

   – Implementation of responsive design for mobile compatibility.

   – Creation of an XML sitemap to facilitate search engine crawling.

Google Banner Ads

To further enhance brand visibility, strategically targeted Google banner ads were run in Southeast Asia markets. These ads were designed to target specific demographics interested in air purification solutions. 

SEO And Website Marketing Campaign Outcomes

Lead Generation

Within one month of the new website launch, the air purifier brand experienced a significant increase in customer leads. A number of health-conscious individuals inquired about purchasing air purifiers for home use and about filter replacements. Notably, a majority of these leads originated from Google organic traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of the SEO strategy.

Improved SEO Results

The implementation of SEO best practices led to improved search rankings for key branded keywords. Searches for terms like “Aeris air purifier,” “iRobot air purifier,” and “aair lite” yielded better visibility and higher click-through rates, resulting in increased organic traffic.

Increased Brand Awareness

The Google ad banners proved to be a cost-effective way to push out ad impressions to targeted audiences. They yielded a significant increase in brand awareness, contributing to the overall success of the digital marketing campaign.


Aeris by iRobot successfully leveraged Google SEO and website marketing to achieve its objectives of lead generation and enhanced brand visibility. The combination of a well-designed bilingual website, effective SEO strategies, and targeted Google banner ads resulted in a notable increase in customer inquiries and improved search rankings. 

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