Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok: Influencer Marketing To Captivate Tourists In Asia

Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok: Influencer Marketing To Captivate Tourists In Asia

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Sindhorn Midtown Bangkok Hotel recently launched a promotional campaign to attract tourists from various Asian countries. The campaign aimed to increase brand visibility and generate buzz around the new hotel.

Influencer Marketing To Maximise Reach

To maximise the reach and impact of the campaign, Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok invited 30 influencers from key markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The influencers were carefully selected based on their relevance to the target audience and their ability to create engaging content.

Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok target audiences for the campaign:

  • Young family customers.
  • Lifestyle and trendy travellers.
  • Single travellers.

Content That Deeply Resonates With Audiences

To promote the launch of the hotel, more than 50 content and videos were produced, aimed to showcase the hotel’s unique features, luxurious amenities, and its prime location in Bangkok. The goal was to create visually appealing and informative content that would resonate with the target audiences.

Influencers From Singapore Showcasing Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok

Influencers From Malaysia Showcasing Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok

Social Media Platforms Used

The campaign leveraged popular social media platforms to maximise exposure and engage with target audiences. The hotel’s promotional content was shared on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and XiaohongShu (a popular social media platform in China). Each platform was utilised strategically to cater to the preferences and behaviours of target audiences in different markets.

Target Audience

The campaign targeted three main segments: travel tourists, family tourists, and lifestyle-conscious young ladies. By engaging with influencers who had a strong following in these segments, the hotel aimed to capture the attention of individuals who were actively seeking travel experiences, planning family vacations, or looking for lifestyle-related content.

Results and Impact

The campaign generated significant traction and achieved the desired outcomes. The promotional content reached a wide audience, resulting in increased brand awareness and interest in Sindhorn Midtown Bangkok Hotel. The engagement metrics across social media platforms, including likes, shares, comments, and views, surpassed expectations, indicating a positive response from the target audiences.

Looking For Influencer Marketing Solutions?

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