Top Trending Content on Xiaohongshu in 2023

Top Trending Content on Xiaohongshu in 2023

Xiaohongshu, also known as RED (小红书; literally: ‘Little Red Book’), continues to be a hub for trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts, not just in China but around the world. As we continue through 2023, let’s explore the hottest trends shaping this dynamic platform, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and travel, offering a glimpse into the latest fascinations of its vast user base.

  1. OOTD: Outfits of the Day
    Xiaohongshu users are setting fashion trends with their Outfits of the Day. They showcase unique styles, share shopping tips, and highlight emerging fashion brands, influencing the wardrobes of millions.

  2. Wellness and Mental Health
    Self-care and well-being are paramount on Xiaohongshu. From fitness routines to meditation practices, users promote holistic health. Mental health discussions and self-care tips have seen a significant surge.

  3. The Rise of “Wanghong” Travel
    Internet celebrities, popularly known as “Wanghong,” have ignited a captivating trend of venturing into unconventional travel destinations, chronicling their journeys on Xiaohongshu. In contrast to traditional tourist hotspots, these influencers provide a wellspring of inspiration for travel enthusiasts, offering intricate itineraries and exclusive insider insights that uncover hidden gems.

    As Xiaohongshu continues to evolve, new trends have emerged that redefine travel experiences. The platform currently embraces the intriguing trend of “特种兵旅游” or “SWAT-style travel,” encouraging adventurers to step beyond their comfort zones. Additionally, the concept of city-walks has enraptured Xiaohongshu’s community, allowing urban explorers to intimately engage with diverse neighborhoods and cultures. In essence, Xiaohongshu transcends its role as a social media platform, becoming a portal to diverse explorations, all while keeping the allure of discovery at its core.

  4. Food and Culinary Delights
    Gastronomy thrives on Xiaohongshu. Users share exotic recipes, hidden culinary gems, and dining experiences. A post-COVID trend focuses on restaurant exploration, with many users from Malaysia and Singapore recommending must-visit places.

  5. Green Living and Minimalism
    Xiaohongshu’s community embraces minimalism and sustainable living. Users declutter their lives, adopt minimalist aesthetics, and champion eco-conscious choices.

  6. Cultural Exchange and Language Learning
    Within the expansive realm of Xiaohongshu’s global influence, a thriving ecosystem of cultural exchange and language learning content has taken root. Users hailing from diverse corners of the world converge to share an array of language resources, cultural insights, and invaluable exam strategies. This collaborative spirit has given rise to a dynamic learning environment that extends beyond the platform’s conventional social media role.

    Moreover, Xiaohongshu has evolved into a haven for individuals pursuing education and careers abroad. Through a tapestry of posts and discussions, users offer glimpses into their overseas journeys, sharing snippets of life, navigating the intricacies of postgraduate exams, and uncovering pathways to succeed in government job assessments. As illustrated by resources like the Chinese civil service exam, Xiaohongshu has become an instrumental platform for those striving for excellence in challenging evaluations. In essence, Xiaohongshu transcends boundaries, fostering an environment where culture, language, education, and personal growth intertwine harmoniously.

Xiaohongshu continues to evolve, mirroring the diverse interests of its users. Whether you seek fashion inspiration, travel guidance, or wellness insights, this platform caters to all tastes.

With a user base of over 200 million individuals, both domestically and internationally, Xiaohongshu presents unparalleled opportunities for brands to engage with their target audience. Contact MCN Asia today to unlock the full potential of Xiaohongshu for your brand’s success.

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